Automatic machine for seam welding of corners

02 Dec 2020


Thanks to regular investments in the latest machine technologies, we are consolidating our relevant position on the market. That is why we have expanded our machine park with a semi-automatic welding machine which guarantees the highest achievable weld accuracy.

The welding machine is equipped with functions increasing the productivity and quality of the weld and thus minimizes the risks that may arise during the welding process.


Focused on the quality of our products:

Automatic machine for seam welding of corners

ü  fast welding without interruption,

ü  perfect heat dissipation during welding (no risk of thermal deformation of the part),

ü  professional welding of corners up to 500 mm length,

ü  very high quality of the weld without discoloration,

ü  very safe pneumatic clamping system (no injury of the operator),

ü  due to the minimization of grinding, this machine is environmentally friendly.



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